Welcome to Socialism & Sci-Fi
by me, Patty Nicole Johnson.

What’s this all about?

Like the headline says, Equality plus Robots. And those are in no particular order.

If you look at my Twitter bio, it reads:

Black & Puerto Rican | #Specfic #Sciencefiction Writer & #Codexian | @khoreomag First Reader | Marketer | Mother | Daughter | Partner | Socialist | she, her

But those labels just scratch the surface. I’m an introvert with a high WPM rate, so of course I need to flex my fingers. Why not make these letters form coherent sentences while I’m at it?

In seriousness, I’m fed up with the snake oil that is the American Dream. From Congress to capitalism, we’ve been sold a bill of goods ever since we were taught The Pledge of Allegiance.

Each day, I learn from amazing, brave voices across the web. And I aim to share what they continue to teach me how to be a better progressive.

Science fiction is one way I escape it all. I love exploring what’s possible beyond the 100 or so years I’ll be on this earth. Yet, fiction has an innate ability to worm its way through our biases and tribalism to get to the meat and the bones of an issue.

So in my book, science fiction and socialism are two likely bedfellows.

Join me on this journey as I yearn for the universe-given right to housing, education, nutrition, health care—and, yes, robots.

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